Nardwuar vs. Ron Jeremy!

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Ron Jeremy, did you introduce Gregg Allman to Savannah?
No, I introduced Slash to Savannah.

Pic of Ron Youíre quite an introducerer arenít you?
Yeah, well, I know a lot of rock and roll stars and so what happens is like they have parties. I donít actually set them up. When I lived with Slashís wife, sometimes the girlfriends get mad at me. They think Iím setting up their boyfriends. You know, rock and roll stars can get more nookie in a day then Iíll get in a year! Rock and roll stars donít need my help getting laid. The thing of it is ridiculous. Girls are paid to have sex with me. Rock and roll stars, they wanna have sex with. So I said, "Slash, Savannah", "Savannah, Slash". Thats it.

Tommy Lee action?
Tommy Lee came to my set a couple times...watched me make films. I brought a lot of famous rock and roll stars to my sets and they might meet the girls or hang out. We just hang out or we go to their parties. If they meet and have sex, I donít arrange it.

Steven Spielberg or Jamie Farr?
Hasnít happened with them.

Herve Villechaise?
Hasnít happened yet with these guys (laughs).

Or Dana Plato? Did you ever work with her?
Yes, I did in two movies - regular. Dana never did a porno film. We worked on a film together, two b-movies - "Sex Puppets " and "Sounds of Silence" - we both did together. Thatís it. Two b-movies.

Howís she doing now, Dana Plato?
Sheís doing some films in Hollywood. Again, sheís having a struggle. Sheís trying to get into more mainstream work, but as you know making a success in Hollywood is very difficult. So, Dana has been approached to do porno but she turned it down. She wouldnít do it.

Ron Jeremy, have you ever had a virgin before?
Probably when I was a virgin! Yea, Iíve had a virgin probably a couple of times in my life.

íCause what was that "Harry Horndog" thing you did? Who was "Harry Horndog?" What the hell was that "first timers caught on vid?"
Heís John T-Bone. Heís a director and an actor in movies. He mostly directs. They were virgins on camera. Iíve had a lot of girls, their very first time on screen. Thereís a whole series called "Snatchmasters" where itís me and the girls are brand new. But to have a girl, her first time ever like as far as off or on camera... to be with a real virgin is very rare ícause itís hard to find them nowadays, you know.

What exactly was your involvement with Annabelle Chong, there, Ron Jeremy? You were the last guy. What is the deal on that and was there really 300? Whatís the deal on that?
No, 300 was the second gangbang. That was Jasmine St. Clair. Annabelle Chong did 250 guys. I was 251. It was supposed to be Ed Powers, but he didnít show up, so they asked me to be the last guy. So, she took a shower, we hung out, had lunch, came back, bingo, put it in, took it out, "Pop!", orgasm done.

Was she bleeding afterwards?
No, no.

Was it like 251 guys or was it guys rotating?
She said she didnít mind penises in the rear end, in the pussy, whatever, the guysí fingernails were bugging her. So she said to the guys, "No more fingers, just tongues and penises only! " And she did 250 guys. I was the MC of the show.

To Nardwuar, From R.J. How much time do you get? How do you know when its over?
Well, once she figured she had enough. She was gonna go for 300, but stopped at 251. Jasmine St. Clair did a thing about a year later and she did 300 guys full. I didnít do any scenes in that one. I was the MC and the host. You guys see those gang-bang movies?

Weíre here at Tomí s video with Ron Jeremy , doing a book signing. What movie are you promoting right now Ron?
All of them! And my various rap song stuff, my phographs and my funny t-shirt you can see over there, "Over 1 million served!"

at tom's video Ron Jeremy, how was the porn industry shaken up with the suicides of like, Alex Jordan, Savannah and Lee. Apparently theyíre saying Savannah might have been a murder.
No one is saying that.

Mike Walkerís show is saying that.
Whoís Mike Walker.

Heís a National Enquirer editor whoís on 14-CFUN, doing a show.
Oh no, Iím friends with Dave Perrell one of the editors of the Enquirer. Thereís no story about anyone being murdered as far as Savannah. She was high. She got into a car accident. She took her own life. Savannah and Megan Lee were actual suicides. They say Alex Jordan was an accident. She was into S&M. She was doing this hanging thing in a closet with handcuffs and that she did what they call asphyxiation. Supposedly it was an accident. Savannah was a suicide, so was Megan Leigh. So was Shauna Grant. Three suicides. And Cal Jammer was a suicide. Thatís one guy, three girls. Itís sad. All I can say is, look, the business is not that easy for some people. Itís a moral choice you make to get into the industry.

That's why you should think twice about it!
Will you let me finish! If you get into the business with your head screwed up, youíre gonna leave with your head screwed up. To get into the business with a clear head on your shoulders, youíll have a very good, successful life. They make a big issue of the suicides but they donít make a big issue of people like Seka, Leslie Bovey, Annette Haven, Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox. I can go on and on about girls who are happy. Annette went to computer school, married a rich guy. Vanessa Del Rio was a competitive body builder. Samantha Fox teaches Phys Ed in New York. Seka has a radio station in Chicago. Now sheís doing a big mail order in Chicago. I mean, most of the girls in porn go on to very happy, healthy, productive, very well, money-making lives. Hundreds! Hundreds! But then you hear about the four suicides and then all of a sudden weíre a big suicide industry. As everyone said, including the smart newsman, that if these four girls had been in any other industry and committed suicide, they wouldnít have made the press.

If they lived in Switzerland or Sweden or something.
Itís just that itís pornstars who commit suicide it makes the press because itís that kind of industry. The fact is that most of the girls have very happy, healthy, successful lives long after porn. You just hear about the few sad cases who came into the business. Shauna Grant had made two suicide attempts before she ever got into porn. So again, you canít put the blame there.

Ron, what are some of your favourite scenes? You know, you have that slap you do. Whatís that little slap you do, you know that little slap you do?
Well your mom taught me that one.(laughs) Iím sorry, Iím sorry.

You have the slap and the one legged kind of thing Ron, you know on one knee? (Nardwuar lifts his knee)
You could get in the business you have a shot at this. First of all, the one legged thing is so that the camera can get in there.

There were some guys wanting me to say " Congratulations Ron", they love you for the one legged thing. One legged Ron.
I hope guys donít think people really do have sex like this. The funny thing is it's for the camera. People say they give us a really good example of how to have sex. I mean when girls are giving you real head theyíre giving you real head; their face is on it but for the camera, its like... When you really have sex with a girl you know youíre going in on it but if you want the camera to see it you go... so the camera can get in there. That one-legged thing is because one leg is up the camera gets in. The guys hand is up behind his back so it doesnít get in the way but in real life youíre going to be hugging the girl but thatís going to block the action. Look, Iíll show you! No just kidding. (Shouting) Just joking guys! Multi-faceted Ron

Oh please Ron!
Not a prayer!

Have you every been forced to do something you didnít want to, like, "I want you Ron!" or something like... Linda Lovelace had the gun held to her head apparently?
Nobody buys that story.

But the guy lives in Sydney, BC. Did you hear that? A Canadian connection, Ron Jeremy.
Who lives in Sydney?

The guy who apparently held the gun to Linda Lovelaceís head when she made the movie "Dogfucker ".
No, the guy who held the gun to her head, she says, was Chuck Trainor who was her husband then. Heís living in Las Vegas, works in rodeos and has a gun store. Theyíre doing a movie about her life...Imagine Entertainment....Ron Howardís company is doing a Linda Lovelace story. I was talking to those guys and even they donít really buy the whole story about the gun to the head. Any girl in porn will say that it is totally their own free will, totally, voluntarily. Linda Lovelace, itís a sad story. Iíll tell you something if you give me a second here. When Linda Lovelace wrote a book about how much she enjoyed the business, nobody ever bought the book. Girl does porn, loves porn, no story. When she wrote a book called "Ordeal", how she hated the business, she was forced into it, she hated having sex, they made her do it, that book sold like hotcakes. The public bought that garbage! I mean she got a raw deal. She wasnít paid that well for the kind of money that "Deep Throat " made. As far as being forced, the guns to the head, itís total garbage.

Well, how about you personally? Have you been forced to do anything at all or have you seen people being forced? What donít you like doing?
Iím out there begging girls to hold guns to my head to have sex with them, you kidding me? A girl saying "Ronnie you must have sex with me!" "Sure! Put the gun away ". You kidding me?

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