Nardwuar vs. Ron Jeremy!

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Ron Jeremy, a Canadian Taste Sensation! Nardwuar: Who are you?
Ron Jeremy: Are you rolling? I am Ron Jeremy.

You are Ron Jeremy. You are The Hedgehog, Ron Jeremy.
Yes, nice to be here.

Ron Jeremy, welcome to Canada.
Itís great to be here.

Welcome to Canada, here are some Hedgehogs for you... some Hedgehogs (Nardwuar gives Ron a box of ĎHedgehogí chocolates)
Oh, this is great! Iíll give this to some pretty girl and say "Hey, young ladies, eat the Hedgehog!" Ha ha ha ha! And when youíre done with this! No, Iím kidding, Iím sorry. Theyíll say "This tastes better, itís chocolate." "Girls, first eat this and put some lipstick on my dipstick, what do you think, huh?" (Looks to the crowd assembled at Tomís video), "Me and him (Nardwuar) in a movie, Romeo and Julio, what do you think?"

Ron Jeremy, youíre actually on a menu, you mentioned that earlier. Whereís that menu? You are a Canadian taste sensation, arenít you?
I donít like to bring it up and show off...much!

Thereís not only food Hedgehogs, youíre actually on the menu.
Yes, we can read this, see, if anyone who works at this restaurant sees this, thank the boss, this is really adorable. Itís called the Outback Shack.

In Montreal.
I think itís also in Toronto. "RJís Sausage on a Bun", it says, "In honour of screen personality Ron Jeremy". See, nothing thatís not distasteful, they donít say "pornstar", they donít say "slut stud", they just say "screen personality" Ďcause itís a family restaurant...I like that. Also, since Iím bragging, Iím also in the Billboard Chart. I did a rap song...number 27. "Freak of the Week" Twenty-one weeks on the chart. Thatís pretty good for a guy who canít sing worth beans, know what I mean? Since you asked, Iím also in Rolling Stone this month... Beavis & Butthead on the cover with Pam Anderson. In the article on Beavis & Butthead, meet me, Ron Jeremy, their best friend. Iím having so much fun plugging myself!

Are you still active in he actual pornography industry at all, Ron? Like last night, I understand you did a shoot?
Itís too much fun to quit. Yes, I worked last night. I also went to a Metallica concert last night. I work alot in porn because itís too much fun. Iíll retire some day when Iím going to the bathroom and I hear this noise: "Pop!", "Oh, darn!" Then Iíll have to discard it and have to go into regular movies only, but right now Iím having too much fun while the penis is still attached.

Shane Videos Ron, what do you think about those movies that say "100% Ron Jeremy Free", like, theyíre always dissiní ya. Why are they dissiní you? I mean, look at the crowd here tonight.
Theyíre here for Shane.(A porn star/fresh jive girl at the Video Store appearance with Ron) But listen...

Letís give it up for Ron Jeremy!
Cut it out! Let me answer the question.

Shane Collage But you smell fine!
You smell fine yourself too. This is male bonding at its best... So, the thing is, the guys, they make jokes because I got careless with my weight. You see, some guys workout in the gym. I workout in the buffet, and the fact is I got a little chunky and guys figure a lot of body builders are in porno, but the thing is I think the popularity helps when they see the good- looking guy gets lucky they figure, "Well, of course, he gets the girl Ďcause heís so cute". When they see a guy like me get lucky, they figure that "Hey, thereís hope for all of us!"

But theyíre mean to you, like you got shaved. You got shaved! That was kind of interesting. It was you or Jerry Butler.
I think people get a kick out of that seeing the kind of things that Iíll do.

Youíve been burned! Youíve been burned!
Shaved, slam dunked, shot, killed, stabbed, punched, pushed into pools, worked with fat girls. You name it, Iíve done it. Never did anything gay. Waterskied.

R.J. gets a shave What was that waterskiing outtake? What were they doing to you there?
That was a very goofy film. The boat was going too slow on purpose. I couldnít get out of the water. That was a Charlie shoot. I forget the name of it though. But anyway, as long as itís with girls, Iíll do anything in a movie Ďcause itís kind of fun and it adds to the myth that Jeremy will do anything!

Ron Jeremy, itís quite hilarious too, like those dick prints you lay on walls.
Yes, also, thereís a mold which is gonna be in stores thatís made up by California Exotic Novelties. Theyíre actually gonna have my penis in stores across the country. I kind of like that. So, if I should drop dead tomorrow, my penis lives on and on.

So whatís the deal with "Freak of the Week" video ? We actually have the vinyl here, the vinyl version.
How did you guys get this?

On import! You are the "Freak of the Week"! You are the "Freak of the Week"! Who is DJ Polo?
DJ Polo was with Warner Brothers. He had a band called Cool G Rap and DJ Polo and he went and split, had his own album called Poloís Playhouse. He had me do a song on the album, we also have Ice-T.

Ron in 'Freak of the Week' Again, "Freak of the Week".
It means groupies. It doesnít really mean like, itís a "freak" . Itís girl groupies who like to watch performers, how rockers and rappers always get lots of girls. Ice-Tís on the album, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Grandmaster Flash. Itís a hot album. Again, Billboard chart for 21 weeks. Itís kind of impressive that I was able to do so well with a rap song, Ďcause Iím not really a performer, not really a singer.

I was just wondering that, Mercury Rev video, whatís the deal behind that? They blew their whole budget on flying Ron Jeremy out to New York. What was that about?
Sony Records flew me out to New York to do the video for their thing and also I did a video for Sublime.

And the Meices too.
And the Meices and Nelsons and Guns and Roses, Sam Kinison, Pauly Shore. I was in so many videos that MTV...look at this watch I got...see, it says "MTV Watch" right there and plus Beavis and Butthead did a thing on me twice on his show and also he mentioned me in Rolling Stone, he wanted me to be in the movie, but Paramount wouldn't go for it, so he's gonna put me on his TV show and I'm gonna do one of the voices. Mike Judge is the writer and creator of Beavis & Butthead. Heís gonna have me do a voice on one of the shows because you know how it is, cause porn and rock and roll and porn and rap have always been kind of related. Kind of like on the edge. They always get along...the performers in that industry because the guys in that world love porn stars cause theyíre always tested, theyíre tested for the viruses and theyíre fun to hang out with. Itís like a rock and roll kind of attitude.

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